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Good morning.

The Dow topped 38,000 yesterday for the first time … and forecasts are now all over the place as to whether the fast-moving upward trend will continue … or the “bear” will return with its sharpened claws.

I bring this up because I saw something interesting in the first article below … no, not the call for market calamity (I’ve learned to ignore all that), but a disclaimer at the bottom of the well-written article stating: “this article was generated with the support of AI and reviewed by an editor.”  Of course, what is left unanswered is to what extent were comments in the article “made” by AI … and why the organization felt compelled to admit its use.

But I also tie in the use of AI to help create the item to the last article included below … in which the average college student’s IQ has dropped 17 points since 1939.  While the article attributes this to so many in the population now achieving college, I feel it might go much further as I go off on a tangent.  Did you ever read a letter sent home from a soldier during the civil war?  Almost every one I’ve seen appears as if it was written by Shakespeare … in comparison to what I see today (in a Facebook society where the proper use of “their” vs. “there” has become nothing more than a toss-up.

Et too Brute?

Okay, I’m off my soapbox.

I’ve received quite a few questions on AI over the past few weeks … including from a friend who is in the final stages of writing a book and asked if AI can help with a review (the answer is yes).   But I will admit there is so much to learn in this area that I get the feeling I will never gain expertise in it, no matter how hard I try. It’s just that every time I think I am “there” I read something else that makes me realize how fast this hole thing is moving.

Let me bore you (again) by bringing attention to the fourth article below.  Someone “created” a virtual girlfriend … existing only on AI … and people sign on to chat … and the claim is this is now generating almost $400,000/year … certainly falling into the “why didn’t I think of that” camp.
Last year it was digital pictures, while the year before was property in something called “the metaverse.” There are recent reports of an increase in depression … well … I am depressed by the realization that someone is making gobs of money coming up with ridiculous things … and that someone isn’t me.

My final note … and an article also included below … is Arizona’s attempt to allow people to make “compost” out of deceased relatives.

I see this as interesting as inflation has really hit funeral costs in a big way.

But I don’t understand how morticians can say they had to raise burial prices …

… due to the increase in the cost of living.

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A Look At The News January 23, 2023

As of 10:00 AM today

While this is just another story that grabs attention, what I find most interesting is a disclaimer that is was “AI” generated (Investing)

… but not only does AI have the ability to generate story … it can also generate … um … dead people … which sounds kind of creepy … but, for some, could have a use (Decrypt)

… though an alternative is not to “see” grandpa … but to have him always around … and use his body as compost.  Okay, no comment on this one (TheMessenger)

Staying on the topic of AI for a minute, someone found a way to monetize it by creating a perfect girlfriend … which quite a few lonely men pay for virtual companionship (OddityCentral)

While this will be argued between many, there is some concern that climate change will raise New York sea levels by a bunch … and this is not in the far future, but only a few years away (TheHill)

A study was done comparing the average IQ of a college student today vs. one in 1939.  Computers, calculators, the internet … none of these helped as we are, sadly, dumber (BigThink)


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