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Good morning.

So far the start of the trading day has been a bit unsettling … as most equities were “green on the screen” shortly after the open only to have turned south.  Things have certainly changed over the last few months as … during the bull market … stocks seemed to advance even in the face of negative news. Now? Any hint of a cloud has investors rushing to grab galoshes and an umbrella.

Especially troubling of late were reports over to what degree food costs have risen over the past year.

I will admit that I do most of the food buying in my household … and the big jump in prices certainly is quite noticeable. But it is not only in supermarkets where this has taken place.  It used to be where for $10 or so you could sit down at lunch and have a burger … plus fries … and a drink.  I’ve seen quite a few $15 burgers recently … and this is without any of the other accompaniments.

Sorry to be such a “Debbie Downer” today … assuming I am still allowed to say that … for there is actually a small degree of hope ahead.

Forecasts of many groups … including Oxford Economics, ING and Deutsche Bank … are calling for the rise in inflation to not only slow, but drop rather sharply in the year ahead.  There is, however, the terrifying question of:  “what if it doesn’t?”

One bit of interesting news … that I didn’t think about before … is how some are feeling a much greater effect of rising prices than others.  No, I don’t mean because of wealth disparity … but location.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”) put out a chart showing the year-over-year CPI increase in New York is 6.6% … while in Phoenix, for example … it is around 13%!  So stories over how inflation is affecting consumers tend to paint everyone with the same brush (as does federal action).

Okay, I’ve probably bored you enough for today.

On a final note, I am glad to note airfares seem to be coming down … which is great as I was actually thinking of going back to Europe next year if the dollar continues its strength.

One thing I forgot to mention about my last trip … was coming across an impressive statue of Admiral Nelson in Trafalgar Square in the UK.

Do you know he was only 5’4” … but his statue is 18 feet, 1 inch tall?

That’s Horatio of nearly 3.4 to 1.

Have a great day,

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A Look At The News September 15, 2022

As of 11:48 AM today

As the Fed Chairman pointed out “pain” ahead … due to rate increases … some wonder if jobs need to be lost in order to bring inflation down (Fortune)

… and if you do find yourself out of work … and you are not young … what do you do?  A new career after the age of 50 is not impossible to start (Esquire)

I know, I know … you are tired of hearing about inflation … but it can’t simply be ignored as every increase in prices digs a hole in your pocket (NBCNews)

… and the government is trying to help (knowing this is always debatable) … as social security increases are certainly in the cards.  It won’t offset inflation, but it helps a little (USAToday)

Some people are taking climate change quite seriously … and making great personal sacrifices to help make sure the future is bright (CNBC)

When you are with a group of strangers, is it best to sit back and be quiet … or interject some words of wisdom every now or then.  If you want to be liked … speak up (TheConversation)

Have medical advances made this big of a dent? According to this article, 90 will soon become the new 40! (Newsweek)


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