About Us

We are a results-driven entrepreneurial
organization that believes in research-
driven active management.

The 5 P’s

Emerald demonstrates an ongoing commitment to “The Five P’s” which has remained a growing part of its corporate culture since Emerald’s founding in 1992.  *As of December 31, 2023


  • Active management works to uncover opportunities in small- and mid- cap markets.
  • We work to maximize return and minimize risk by capitalizing on inherent inefficiencies.


  • Disciplined focus grounded by Emerald 10-Step Research Process
  • Focused and consistent investment style adhering to growth and small-cap mandates.
  • Emerald’s entrepreneurial culture seeks to generate alpha by discovering and exploiting trends.
  • Demonstrated ability to invest (when risk/reward is appropriate) in the pre-profit Biotech Industry and all pre-profit companies.


  • Emerald’s Portfolio Management Teams have almost 200 years of collective industry experience and on average have been working together for over 20 years. *
  • Teamwork Environment: 15 analysts with 19 years average tenure. *


  • Emerald seeks to provide competitive long-term performance and upside/downside market capture.


  • Remaining true to our fundamental, bottom-up process irrespective of market cycles.
  • Demonstrated by the Firm’s 31-year record of portfolio attribution.*
  • “We talk about our “Five P’s” as the cornerstones to our organization. But it is our People and our intensive research-based Process that guide our culture and our success.”

    – Scott L. Rehr, Chief Executive Officer