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Good morning.

The headline of a “Morning Brief” article on Yahoo Finance claims: “The Pieces of the Next Bull Market are Starting to Come Together.”  Well, you wouldn’t know that by this morning’s action in equities as stocks dropped from the opening bell amid renewed recession fears.

One of the catalysts, of course, has been the Fed continuing to raise rates to cool down what was seen as an overheating economy.  Even though there has been a substantial boost in rates this year (so far) Americans continue to spend … as retail reports were better than expected.

But what might have worried investors this morning were comments by St. Louis Fed President James Bullard who not only said … according to CNBC … the central bank still has a lot of work to do before it brings inflation under control … but went on to provide the opinion that the eventual rate could be in the 5% to 7% area … the top range of which is much higher than many others forecast.

Is it the purchasing habits of the American consumer that is to blame?

I will say, it is quite easy to buy things right now.

As an example, my son asked for a string of LED lights (strange kid).  In the “old days” I might drive to Home Depot or Wal-Mart … look around … read some boxes … and pick up a set … or maybe even then go home and think about it.  Now?  Amazon + search + quick description read + reviews (some of which might be planted) … and they are ordered before I start my next paragraph.  On top of that, they might be here before the end of the day (if I order in the next 1 hour and 12 minutes).  Easy … smart … addicting … and absolutely dangerous.

But what is one thing people don’t seem to be buying?  Homes … as homebuilder optimism is down, buying traffic has decreased and mortgage rate applications have fallen to such an extent that Daily Shot reports we are seeing the largest year-to-year decline on record.

Still, it is tough the figure out when recession will arrive … if it does at all.  Goldman Sachs feels one will be avoided and AtlantaGDP Now points to a robust 4th quarter of the year. Is inflation something we will live with for years to come?

Meanwhile, we have the yield curve (10 year yield minus 2 year) … not only remaining inverted (claimed to be a sure recession signal) but a curve that is the most inverted in 40 years!  Yikes!

I guess I’ll close out today with Elon Musk. I don’t know why. He just popped into my head.

According to NPR, Elon Musk told his workers at Twitter they must be prepared to work long, hard hours (“need to be extremely hardcore” is how he put it) … and, if not, they are invited to immediately resign with 3 month’s severance.  This is following his demand they come into the office for at least 40 hours each week.

The result will be interesting to see … as recent reports nationwide claim employees want to work less, not more … and certainly don’t seem to want to be dictated as to hours or even location.

Elon Musk also claims he will find a new CEO for Twitter “over time” and hand over leadership.

I get the feeling that a lot of employees … and a public tired of the crazy news stories … very much hope for this to happen before the weekend is out.

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