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Good morning.

This is a bit early this morning as I have something going on … but don’t get used to it … I should be back to my lazy, mid-morning writing tomorrow.

It appears the market will show a little downward movement at the open as strategists guessing on where things will head this year continue to populate business news channels.  I think my favorite was a headline on touting that “once the supply crunch hits” Bitcoin … now at around $42,000 will reach $1 million within days or weeks.  I love this.  That would mean just under $20 trillion worth of Bitcoin out in the world … which would be around 1/5 of the value of the entire global stock market, according to Virtual Capitalist.  Hmm … it’s nice to dream … or at least to toss out projections.

Meanwhile, I mentioned attending the Consumer Electronics Show “CES” last week and saw enough to make me quite optimistic that no matter what happens in the world, we will continue to see technological advances that will improve the world around us.  My own list includes some items ready now … some in the near future … and some that might just be wishful thinking.

Items now available (or within months) include new “self-driving” vacuums for the home, with enough power and abilities to make my own “Roomba” seem … well … archaic.  I may have mentioned in the past that “robotic lawn mowers” seemed plentiful in Europe and my view is it will be only a short matter of time before you see these really gain traction here in the U.S.

There were a slew of “home generator” electric and solar batteries to power your home in case of an outage … and I left the show planning to do my homework … as I convinced myself it is something I need.

Electric cars were all over the place and there was not much new there other than many claims of advanced use of “AI” somehow … but note that I wrote “cars” not “vehicles” as there is something quite exciting going on with other modes of travel.  Sure, a “flying car” was there and, no, we did not see it take off but, instead, saw how the “blades” came out of the car.  This, by the way, is years away … if ever.  But what will be here shortly are “air taxis” … some of which are massive-sized drones, capable of transporting passengers within a 50-to-100-mile range.  I feel by this time next year, these will be operational in certain areas.

There are also a few health care items … such as a “wand” that will be able to tell your lung capacity and detect heart issues … and share them with your doctor.  As people continue to realize the increased need to take charge of their own healthcare, items such as these will improve and become cheaper and more plentiful.

There is more … so much more … but this is what I quickly listed in my notes as my own highlights.  If you attend the Emerald Groundhog Day event on February 2nd, you’ll hear much more about “the innovation economy” … and maybe I’ll be able to talk Steve into bringing and showing off the new vacuum he bought after he got home.

That about wraps it up for now.

Sadly, I read that the great-great-great grandson of Samuel Morse passed away over the weekend.

… dashes to dashes, dots to dots.

Have a great day,

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