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Good morning.

Just when everything appeared to be going well … boom!  An inflation report came out and investors ran for the exits (even if only temporarily) as focus once again centered on the upcoming Fed meeting.

Why was the report so unsettling?

In recent days there were many “experts” (harrumph!) claiming inflation to be getting under control and lowering the probability of a 75 bp (0.75%) Fed response.  In all likelihood, many of these opinion-setters saw prices dropping at the pump and figured we reached the peak in prices.  But maybe they traveled from home to gas station to office … never stepping foot in a grocery store … as food cost is where a big part of the problem is hardest to digest.

Yes, that is right … food … as grocery prices jumped 13.5% over the past twelve months.

It might not seem that way to some as companies got a bit cute and are not cutting price but, instead, are introducing smaller packages.  One example (in an article below) is Wendy’s … where a large Frosty (an admitted addiction) is now around 12.5% smaller in size than it was in the past … while keeping price the same.

A big question we grapple with is, of course, the future.

Do we sense prices will continue to march upward … or was the year-over-year increase a thing of the past, with more contained from here?  I think the latter … that the rate of increases has peaked … but this could be wishful thinking.

Heck, even the sport of golf … similar to food items … is facing some “shrinkflation.”

I was at an outing yesterday and realized the golf balls must be getting smaller, though still sell for the same price.

Every year as I age, I realize the golf balls don’t go as far.

They must have done something to the equipment.

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