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Good morning.

An early mourning (intentional use of the word), as I am attending a funeral today … so I am trying to get this out before I get ready to run out the door.  Please forgive the typos.

While the S&P appears as if it will open with a small decline, tech stocks are showing an even greater drop as some of the “top weighted” names in the NASDAQ are showing signs of early session weakness.

I know I mentioned, maybe too many times, how much I like my Quest 3 VR headset and understand the hesitancy to pay hundreds of dollars for such a device … but I was surprised to learn in my overnight reading that Apple’s Vision Pro … its own VR headset … at cost of around $3,500 … has all but sold out due to high “pre-sales.”  I mean … we are talking about something on the order of 150,000 of these sold … no pun intended … sight unseen.  Will this finally catapult us into the world of VR … as I have incorrectly forecasted for years?  Or will this end up like the Google Glass … introduced in 2012 … which, at a cost of around $1200 now sits in a box in my garage after two unexciting uses?

Getting back to markets … we might see volatility in the afternoon for it is … ta dah! … “Fed Day” … and we will hear Jerome Powell announce to the world the present views of our central bankers (highly subject to change, of course).

On the subject of views … I figure it proper to give another reminder that tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 1, Emerald will host its annual “Groundhog Day” event … where the main topic is “The Innovation Economy: Innovation Starts Small” … at which the new research “whitepaper” will be released providing “… compelling innovation-driven investment ideas within the small cap space.”  Registration can be found on the Emerald home page of

That about wraps it up for today’s abbreviated note.

I proofread this quickly and hope I didn’t make any errors as the “lasik” I had done a few years ago might soon need an adjustment.

I just hated wearing glasses, but really respect those who had them after I realized …

… they literally pay to see you.

Have a great day,

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A Look At The News January 31, 2024

As of 11:59 AM today

The guessing game regarding the Fed continues … and right now the most popular view is that they will take their sweet time in cutting rates (CNBC)


… for the reason is a strong economy … but this buoyancy isn’t being felt around the world as China seems to be in a bit of contraction (CNBC)


How do consumers feel about the economy right now?  Pretty darn good … which is why spending continues, regardless of higher prices (APNews)


While you might think it wise to trade off part of your salary to have a better “work-life-balance” the view in this article is to think it through … as it could have a negative future effect (USAToday)


… and if you are reading how “expats” are comfortable in less expensive areas outside of our border, it might be worth your while to have an escape plan … just in case (USAToday)

Today is a day for joy … as it is National Hot Chocolate Day!  That’s right … it might be cold outside but in your kitchen you have the opportunity for warmth in every cup (NationalHoliday)


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