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Good morning.

My note will be short today.  I actually felt a little off this morning … and while I was negative according to my (expired) Covid test … I jumped on one of those blood pressure machines and it was certainly higher than I, and my doctor, would like.  I guess a few days of not even thinking about dieting (and watching the Giants game last night) had an effect.

Stocks are up this morning and it seems that many things that we were told people were concerned about last week (Chinese economy, Fed raising rates, Recession) are the subjects of reports this morning treating readers to the opposite view(s).  In this regard … and in way of confirmation … Yahoo Finance points out in its lead article that there is “upbeat China data” and “hopes for a soft landing” … while bringing attention to Janet Yellen’s comments of “feeling very good” about this soft landing for the U.S. economy.

By the way, if you don’t agree with what you read about the economy in today’s news … don’t worry. View will change tomorrow … and again Wednesday … and again Thursday.  This merry-go-round is certainly maddening at times.

There are some other things going on today.

Just this morning I received emails telling me my Apple ID has been suspended (and will be permanently locked if I don’t click on a verifying button), UPS Express has a package I need to claim, Amazon is locking my account, PayPal wants to know about a $499.99 invoice, Harbor Freight informed me I won a tool kit, and Geek Squad would like a $419 renewal charge paid.

I don’t think it is lack of understanding that keeps older people off of computers … I think it is the endless barrage of these scams.

That about wraps it up for today.  I must check my blood pressure again to see if things have improved … but I’m sure I need to make some immediate changes until this settles down.

We all know what that probably means.

No more wine for breakfast!

Have a great day,

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A Look At The News September 11, 2023

As of 12:20 AM today

Another call for a market collapse, but before you head for the smelling salt, many of his calls in the past have been … um … not so accurate (BusinessInsider)


Is having high national debt bad?  Some do think it is fine (though it was once thought that its best use was only for emergencies) (CNBC)


… and while a thought is we will eventually get the debt under control, other think this … similar to climate hopes … have passed the point of repair (CNN)


Are you ready to return to the office full time?   Employees and management still don’t seem to see eye-to-eye on this (FastCompany)


This report claims many who would like to own a home don’t … because of the down payment required.  Um … low inventory … high mortgage rates … hello? (CNBC)


If your fingers hurt from typing into ChatGPT too often, take heart … as just like a DJ I saw the other night … it will now take (verbal) requests (MakeUseOf)


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