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Good morning.

What could be more nerve-racking than Election Day?  Some will, of course, think it to be the $2 billion Powerball drawing … which was delayed … but the numbers are finally in (and much to my extreme disappointment and enormous surprise, I didn’t win).

Meanwhile, stocks are up so far today … which the Wall Street Journal claims is quite typical for a mid-term election … using data since 1970.  The reason most often given is related to a split government … which polls show may happen in the days to come … and gridlock in Washington is actually seen as a good thing by investors.

And how have stocks done following the midterm election?  Hold on to you hats.  According to Forbes, there have been 18 mid-term elections since 1950 … and not only was the 1-year market return following the election positive all 18 times … but the average returns were 18.6% (vs. 10.6% in other years).

All that sounds good, but we have possible recession and inflation to contend with … so how might that affect things?

Well, one area that boosted inflation … the increase in rents … could be slowing … as RealPage Market Analytics claims a sharp decline in October and Deutsche Bank calls for a reduction in inflation rate growth as it pertains to rentals.  The Fed would like to see this (at least, I think they would).

Oh, and before I forget … a lot of people seem to play Wordle.  As noted below, the rules changed slightly to make it a bit more challenging.  I will say that I find it much more interesting to play a related game called “Quordle” ( which takes a lot of the “luck” out of things.

That about wraps it up for today … as I have to run out to vote …

… and re-check my Powerball numbers.

Have a great day,

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A Look At The News November 8, 2022

As of 11:18 AM today

Another day, another comment … as a former Fed official gives the view that we will have a mild recession next year (CNBC)

… but that might not matter if you were lucky enough to pick the winning Powerball number.  After a delay … the numbers were finally drawn (CNBC)

The drug, Paxlovid, appears to help shorten the effects of Covid … and now a new study tells us the risk of “long Covid” might also be reduced (NPR)

… but it is not only prescription drugs that are used to fight disease … for a new claim is that beer can fight Alzheimer’s (NYPost)

How many sites do you go to that require passwords?  The answer is probably too many … but if these passwords get lost, don’t panic … they are hidden on you computer (CNET)

One of the most interesting games of late … which people probably play to feel good about their intelligence … is Wordle.  You might find it more challenging as rules changed (WashingtonPost)

Sorry to toss in my opinion here … but everyone (of either gender) should know how to cook at least 3 dishes to perfection … and become “known” for them (ArtofManliness)


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