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Good morning.

Seeing a positive open this morning led us to believe investors were willing to brush off February’s unpleasant market returns but two Fed governors decided to ruin many a breakfast by pointing out the next Fed meeting might result in a 50 bp (0.50%) rise in rates.

This, of course, brings me back to remembering the days when the Fed would be somewhat quiet about its intent … but now “jawboning” is the order of the day … and you start to believe, rightly or wrongly, that there is collusion among governors … who may hope the economy (and inflation) cools … just due to their words alone.

But we don’t know when … or to what degree … any of this will have an effect.

On the one hand, we read Consumer Confidence came in lower than expected … and with a slowdown in confidence you might things spending would slow … but that has yet to be the case.  One concern, however, is that people might be borrowing too much and at too high a rate (especially for items such as automobiles) and one day the piper will want to get paid … out of funds only a few may have readily available.

What is especially interesting right now … and mentioned in the third article below … is we have long been warned that recession is just around the corner.  It seems most experts are now saying it has moved much further down the block.  Squint … there it is!

I normally share a lot of stories on climate change, agreeing that the views I tend to include the most are quite open for debate and what is thought of as definitive proof according to one article is often contradicted in the next.  In other words, using English … obviously my second language … the jury is still very much out.

On a final note, the last article today certainly grabbed my attention.

It seems a group is suggesting “blasting the moon” and creating dust in the atmosphere to temper the effects of global warming.

Let me think about this. Blasting the moon … tossing moondust overhead.  Good idea … for a horror movie maybe. After all … what could possibly go wrong?

That’s about it for today as I have a noontime appointment at the gym.

I have a trainer now and he asked me to be honest and tell him what kind of squat I am accustomed to doing when I exercise.  So I told him …

“… diddly.”

Have a great day,

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A Look At The News | March 1, 2023

As of 11:59 AM today

When thinking about energy sources, most consider coal, gas, solar, nuclear and wind (not in that order) … but geothermal could one day dominate them all (WeForum)

Companies looking to recruit need to think “outside the box” and using social media is one way to get the attention of younger potential applicants (CNBC)

Even as longevity appears to be on the decline, there is hope to reverse this … as new drugs are being developed with the hope of allowing for a longer life (TheBrighterSide)

… but living longer also means having expenses for a longer period of time … so if you want to make sure you don’t run out, you need to start early (CNBC)

It might be a good idea to add your drivers license (and insurance card … and registration) to you Apple Wallet. Then you won’t need to search the glove compartment when pulled over (CNET)

“Breaking the ice” sometimes feels awkward (if not impossible) with people you barely know. It is important to take the initiative if you want to invite someone to accompany you (ArtofManliness)


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