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Good morning.

Futures, at the moment, indicate a relatively flat opening for the markets this morning … as investors find themselves again puzzled by the contradictory bits of news out there.

On the one hand there has been very positive news on the inflation front in recent days as hope expands that the Fed will pivot away from its aggressive tightening which, by many, was seen as giving cause for celebration.

But the stock market has historically  been viewed as a leading indicator of what lies ahead for the economy, and just like warnings brought to Ebenezer Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Future, forecasts presented by the IMF show the early part of 2023 to be very gloomy indeed with regard to global economies.

It should be noted that the IMF is not the only one giving warnings.
DailyShot is portraying that the “US Empire State manufacturing expected new orders” is in decline (though hiring is up) and the Oxford Economics Leading Index points to weakness in United States factory activity.

And how does this relate to the Fed? Goldman Sachs sees a 50 basis point (0.50%) hike in December and a 25 basis point increase in February and March … which only would add to the pain …but note Deutsche Bank sees a cut rather than an increase.

Not every industry is seeing … and expecting a downturn … as one of the articles below points out that electric vehicles have seen a 57% increase so far this year. This is, to use an economic term, massive.

I’m certainly of the firm belief that electric vehicle growth in the United States will explode (not to make light of what has happened to a few Teslas in Florida) as most people I speak with who are considering their next new car have mentioned consideration of an “EV.”

That about wraps it up for today other than the last article below … which brings to light a groundbreaking opinion in which many should be interested.

It seems that people might be able to communicate with their cats (finally) simply by blinking!

I hope this is true … for, if so, I have to go out and get myself a kitten.

This might certainly help me figure out (per today’s second article below) whether or not what we have seen in the market of late is simply a dead-cat-bounce

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A Look At The News | November 16, 2022

As of 8:10 AM today

There are still believers in the crypto markets … though some are beginning to wonder if losses (and the bankruptcy of FTX) will spill over into the general economy (FoxBusiness)

… meanwhile the market has had a decent rebound of late. Is this a sign of better things to come … or is it a short-term rally in a bear market? (Entrepreneur)

While we all would love to think the worst is behind us, the IMF is darkening its outlook for the global economy (Reuters)

… but not every area nor every industry might see a decline. The electric vehicle market, at least in the US, seems to be undergoing rapid growth (EcoWatch)

Do you sometimes face situations which call for “small talk?”  It seems natural to some … for there is a fine line between being entertaining and being boring (CamilleStyles)

Researchers feel they are close to reversing aging. Many certainly hope this happens before they run out of time (NBCNews)

… but living longer might only be enjoyable if our bodies are in decent shape. Smoking of any kind – especially combining cannabis and tobacco – calls that into question (CNN)

Would you like to communicate with your cat?  Don’t bother with silly sounds. It’s better to use your eyes (ScienceAlert)


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