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Good morning.

Well, an ugly April (for the markets) is now in the rear-view mirror and eyes now focus on Wednesday afternoon’s Fed commentary where an anticipated 50 bps (0.50%) rate increase is expected to be announced.  Of course, that will only be the start of news stories surrounding it … as analysts dissect every word in order to find hints as to future moves.

Meanwhile, stocks are bouncing between positive and negative territory at the moment as shocked investors seem unsure whether to “buy the dip” or “take their ball and go home” for a while.  Welcome to May … which seems like a perfect time for me to toss in some annoying clichés.

I passed along an interesting article this morning where one strategist asks if inflation has reached a peak (and wonders if the Fed will actually be reducing again toward the end of this year).  It is kind of crazy right now.  As mentioned last week, checking Zillow’s claim of what my house is “worth” blows me out of the water … though I don’t believe it.  On a related issue, I did get a note this weekend where someone said they would like to buy houses in my area “as is.”  I am really tempted to contact them … as my curiosity is killing me … though always have in the back of my mind that any offer might be coming from the brother of some Nigerian prince.

I am also shocked (still) of the rise in the number of recent positive virus results in Pennsylvania.  Fortunately, very few of the cases are serious … though it looks like though we’ll be living with this for quite some time.

There are two incredibly interesting items to share this morning … both of which are mentioned below.

First of all, I just learned you can send a letter to the FBI under the “Freedom of Information Act” and find out what information they have on you.  I am fascinated to know this … and wonder if anyone spilled the beans about my streaking through town in the early 70s.  Sorry about the visual.

And the last article below talks about a successful surgery … where a 5’7” individual went under the knife … and is now 5’10”.   This is legit and not a present-day version of “the rack.”

The only other thing to share is this weekend I learned definitively that red wine and fish don’t go together.

In fact, mine died.

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A Look At The News | May 2, 2022

As of 11:01 AM today …

Inflation … on everyone’s mind lately … but one view is that prices can’t go up forever (as drop in buying will drive prices lower) … and might soon be coming down (CNN)

How much sleep is required as you age?  It might not be as long as you think, as the new claim is seven hours are optimal (EurasiaReview)

We hear all sorts of stories surrounding the virus and the quarantine period … but what I prefer is to just plug info into a simple-t0-use CDC calculator (assuming you use them for guidance) (CDC)

The global water situation is changing rather rapidly … and some communities that count on a steady supply are finding themselves in a bit of a jam (ScienceAlert)

… and it is not only water that is of concern … but carbon is also an issue.  There are growing ways to remove carbon from the air … but not all are being applauded (NPR)

What does the FBI know about you?  Are you curious?  It might just take sending a simple letter to find out (YourTango)

How would you like to be taller?  I was shocked to learn this was a possibility, but it seems surgery is possible (though expensive) to make this happen (BuzzfeedNews)


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