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Good morning.

Stocks are on the rise for the second day in a row as there might be a bit of relief that the latest Covid strain … while highly contagious … does not seem to be as dangerous as previous variations.  Still, many experts point out that we will probably have a pretty rough go of it over the next 4-6 weeks or so … but things may start to look up shortly after that.

Reuter reports U.S. consumer confidence actually rose in December … which was certainly surprising, for it occurred even in the face of growing Covid fear and tremendous disappointment in the NY Jets following yet another disastrous season.

It doesn’t seem like a White Christmas for many areas of the country and, thanks to milder weather so far this winter, the warmer temperatures are a good thing.  Why?  Natural Gas (the source of heat for many homes) finds its prices rising rapidly … and this is being felt in Europe as Russia shut off the gas flow from an important pipeline.  The U.S. has been exporting liquid natural gas (“LNG”) to help, but this is not enough to meet the requests of many of our allies.

Another interesting tidbit in the news was an article in The Economist which claims obese children between the ages of 5-19 will soon outnumber those underweight for the first time ever.  Cited as a main catalyst?  “… children sit at home longer, often in front of a screen.”  Oh my word!  That sounds like they are describing me!

That’s about it for today … as my dog is making noises like he wants me to let him out.

I found it strange, but I took my dog out last night “to do his business” and saw this morning that 67% of it had disappeared.

All that remained was one turd.

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Quick Look at the News | December 22, 2021

As of 11:57 AM today …

U.S. consumer confidence was up in December … even in the face of growing Covid fear as we head into the holiday season (Reuters)

A growing number of employers are insisting their workers be fully vaccinated before going to the workplace (CNN)

… and it might not only be a matter of safety … as a lawsuit is possible if one of your employees are affected at work (Reuters)

Home test kits will be arriving sometime in the next month … though you do wonder if mailbox thefts will increase (ABCNews)

I’m sorry that this is a video … but since I plan to fly in a few weeks I will pay careful attention to anything that might reduce the odds of my having a problem (InsideEdition)

… but, if on a short trip, you might not have to worry about crowded airplanes any longer … as air taxis might be here within the next few years (Mashable)

Have you ever had a manager that you would call “outstanding?”  If so, you will probably recognize some of these ideal personality traits (UpscaleLivingMag)

The Metaverse is here … but there is a problem in attractiveness.  Sure … young adults get it … but it might take quite a bit of doing to get baby boomers on board (CNBC)


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