Joseph G. Witthohn, CFA
VP of Product Development Emerald Asset Management

Good morning.

I spent a good amount of the weekend catching up on some reading … but by the time Sunday night came along I realized I feel I knew less about the virus than I did before I started to sit down and try to get updated on the news.

I mean … I am so confused.  One article told me the Pfizer vaccine (which I received) has an effectiveness that drops significantly four months after the second dose … while other claims are that you would get sick, but not severely so.  Okay, I took comfort in this until … of course … I heard yet another story of a fully vaccinated person passing away.  I’ve just about had it and am tempted to move away from Pfizer and substitute it with Johnnie Walker.

Still, I get the feeling that others are also a bit confused (and worried) … as stock futures show markets will be opening in sharply negative territory in a few hours.  

I think it’s just that things don’t feel right … or, at least, comfortable … and this is being seen in the early morning action of investors.  

I keep hearing from restaurant owners I speak with that staffing is an enormous problem … and an increase in pay isn’t seen as an attraction anymore.  According to The Conference Board, the most popular aspect of a new job is a “flexible work location policy,” ahead of pay.  

Many people give projections of when things will “return to normal” … well … I’ll give my opinion on this by saying I don’t think the work environment will ever return to the way it was.

But this does not mean the downfall of employment.  

Forbes had an interesting article with the headline: “The Job Market is Hot: Now is the Time to Build Your Career.”  This seems to make perfect sense … especially if you are just starting out.  Imagine you work in a restaurant and the owner is having a tough time staffing the place.  One thing you might do is show up … even if you can “make more money sitting home” for you will have more focused training and forever earn the appreciation of someone who can help you advance.   If you are just working for the pay, that’s one thing.  But if you want to build a career, now might be that perfect time to show just what you can do.

That’s about it for today.  I mentioned once before that I was going to write a book someday and I may actually start it.

It will be a book about all the things I should be doing with my life.

It’s an oughtobiography.

Have a great day,

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