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Good morning.

Stocks are in slight positive territory to start the day but it seems the jovial mood of investors has been put on the shelf for now.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me (and my own sour mood) as I just received a call that a financial firm that I work closely with is sending workers home until January … as some in their office (even among the vaccinated) … tested positive for the Delta variant.

There are, however, some looking beyond this phase and look for economic activity to “re-accelerate” … as CNBC reports that JP Morgan strategist Dubravko Lakos-Bujas is calling for the S&P to reach 4,700 by the end of this year … which would be around a 5.5% gain in just over 3 months. Let’s hope he is right.

Daily Shot shared reports this morning that many companies want to hire workers … but openings right now are “hard to fill.”  While the differential has long been the result of too-few applicants, NFIB is seeing the biggest concern as finding “quality of labor.”  .  Let’s face it … if someone as untalented as me fixed your car, you would be a danger on the road. It is, of course, important to put a qualified person in the right role … and right now it appears that qualified workers are in short supply.

The world is crazy enough right now and we don’t need something to add to it … but the second story below struck me … as it seems some young families are trying to time the birth of a newborn so that the child falls under the right sign of the Zodiac.  I scan so many headlines and try to grab the ones that certainly stand out.  This one definitely meets that qualification.

One of the things I enjoy doing is looking toward the future and thinking through what interesting technology or change in the environment we can expect to see.  In doing this I also come across some disturbing items that could have a negative effect on many of us.  

One worry comes from the first article below that claims 41% of Americans say they will not have enough money to retire.  I don’t know how these surveys are done, but I would suggest to ask this question of someone while they are sitting down drinking a $12 Appletini.  Many will hate me for being cynical, but investing for the future is a long and tedious process.  Sure … enjoy life while you can … but don’t overindulge at the expense of your future self.  Sorry, I’ll get of my soapbox for now.  

Maybe I am jealous as younger adults just seems to be having so much fun … but I heard of a way to get even.

All we need to do is switch everything to cursive and stick-shift cars.

We would debilitate an entire generation

Have a great day,

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