Joseph G. Witthohn, CFA
VP of Product Development Emerald Asset Management

Good morning.

I will admit that even though I take days off when I just don’t feel in the mood or am busy – I enjoy writing.  And I get a special sense of pride when someone tells me that they were able to use something in my note.

Well, today is that type of day … as there is a very important message.  

If you have an iPhone or iPad, update it NOW.  I don’t even mind if you toss my note aside in order to do this.  But there is a nasty spyware program out there that can steal data – even if you don’t click on some crazy link.  Please do this without delay (first note below explains).  And tell your friends.

As far as markets are concerned, stocks have been bouncing around this morning with the Dow up 100 points when I started writing and then … whoosh … diving into negative territory a short while later.  Good news on inflation may have set the early tone but … as so often happens … movements during early knee-jerk reaction to economic news were tempered when some sat back and took a more careful look.   

Probably the most intriguing article I came across this morning (and included below) is from “The Ladders” … commenting on what employment will look like in 2030, based on info from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  I find it difficult not to get the sense that the workplace has forever changed as, personally, I have a hard time envisioning ever again being in an office for a full 40-hour week, especially since internet service now allows you to be constantly connected.   

I just noticed the Dow fell another 100 points since my paragraph above and I am getting the sense that the more I write, the more it falls … so I’ll stop here.

I know some are saying inflation might not be as bad as everyone thinks but a trip to Costco last night floored me.

The price of fish?  Crazy.  Meat?  Even more ridiculous … and even high vegetable prices were shocking.

I don’t realize this until I saw the price of Vidalia onions.

It was enough to make you cry

Have a great day,

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As of 10:20 AM today …

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