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Good morning.

Stocks are relatively flat even as a very slight, temporary gain brings the S&P to yet another intraday record.

Right now it seems most of the focus is on the virus and claims are that vaccinations hold the key to a return to normalcy … although not everyone, obviously, falls in this camp.  Still, there is a lot of pressure being placed on the unvaccinated by peers and companies alike, even as some reports conclude (such as University of Washington IHME Model) we may be past the peak of daily infections.

But some organizations don’t want to risk such a conclusion being premature.

Ford Motor, for example, is delaying return to hybrid until early next year … and Goldman Sachs is taking this to another level by not allowing anyone in its offices not fully vaccinated.  There is one benefit for visitors though … as they can walk a few blocks in Lower Manhattan to Krispy Kreme (starting on August 30) and get two free donuts with proof of receiving the shot.

How do people feel about these measures?  Interestingly, Civic Science ran a survey and 57% of respondents feel vaccination proof should be required to return to work, with 17% somewhat agreeing and 40% strongly approving.

One thing related to work though is the last article below … which basically claims work will never be the same again and may no longer be the centerpiece of American life

… and with wages jumping (Daily Shot) and the seemed ability of companies to pass added costs onto clients (who themselves – per Alpine Macro – are seeing housing prices soar across the globe) rising prices certainly have become quite noticeable.

Heck, I can’t believe some of the prices I am seeing.

My tire has a slow leak and I needed to pull into a gas station the other day to use the air compressor.  How much did they charge?  $1.50.   Ridiculous … for air!

And what do we have to blame for the increase in the price to fill up my tire?


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… As of 10:34 AM today …

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