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Good morning.

Stocks are up again this morning as more locations (states and stores) “open up” … but a remaining concern is whether or not some have opened too soon. It’s a tough call … as shut downs began in March and three months later we are still facing increases in the number of cases in certain states.

I was part of a CFA-group discussion this morning (on Zoom, of course) and one of the questions brought up by a participant was the effect on different demographics of our society … I mean … it is easy to sit back and say kids can finish high school at home … but I have lightning speed internet connection and can easily place a call, jump in my car and pick up any tech-needed items from a local store … as they all seem to offer curbside service. But not everyone has this luxury … and, heck … some might not have good (or any) internet connection … or even a computer at home for that matter. So when I (and people like me) make decisions on how people can adapt in this time of uncertainty we must make the attempt to walk in someone else’s shoes … for what we think are easy solutions might not be simple … or even possible … for so many others.

Oh, my. I got off on a tangent and apologize … but the mentioned conversation is fresh on my mind.

I think I am just in a bit of a confused state as I see spikes continuing to rise in many areas and hear about more companies delay inviting a full complement of employees back at the office until sometime in the fall, or even into new year! I just read that casinos in Arizona closed for a second time and … sit down for this one … a commission in the Florida Keys just announced that masks will be mandatory until June of 2021! Wow!

What does all this mean? I have little hope that even the NFL season will get underway and certainly don’t plan to attend any games, even if this was at all possible.

… so hospitality businesses remain at below break-even levels … unemployment is high … the nation’s debt level continues to skyrocket … people, for the most part, are nervous … and the stock market? It continues to rise. Go figure.

I have to run.

As I was typing, my phone rang and I got a voicemail from someone who said his name was Johann Sebastian.

I’m wondering if I should call him Bach.

Have a great weekend,

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… as of 11:25 AM today …

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