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Good morning.

Stocks are in slight positive territory this morning as jobless claims numbers came in better than expected.  Helping this along are states that are beginning to pull back unemployment benefits or insist that non-working adults apply for open positions before being considered for assistance.

And there might be plenty of more openings to come … as the Biden Administration is layout out as (are you sitting down?) DNYUZ made the claim that the New York Times has uncovered a plan to ask for $6 trillion for infrastructure and other things.  Since a $1.9 trillion proposal created a bit of pushback, I can only imagine what the uproar will be if there is a request for more than three times that amount.

I don’t know if you have had a virtual doctor appointment … but you might want to get up to speed as it seems as if it will continue once the pandemic is behind.  Covid-19 Healthcare Coalition claims many doctors have indicated wanting to continue these visits and it seems that a majority of patients who have tried this would like this to continue as an option.

There is also a University of Michigan study showing teen alcohol abuse is in sharp decline.  What remains to be uncovered is if cannabis has taken its place … as, according to Pew Research, 60% of Americans are now calling for the legalization of marijuana.  And no … we still don’t seem to know the long-term effects on a nation that substitutes cannabis for beer … but, certainly, more in-depth studies should quickly be done.

On a final note for today, when we think of exactly what group constitutes “gamers,” young adult males come to mind (although more girls are participating).  But the article that caught my eye was the last one below showing that gaming offers countless benefits for the elderly, although this group has been largely ignored by marketers.  The adoption and need among this group makes a lot of sense, as loneliness and boredom are often cited as major problems for the elderly … and the focus involved with gaming (along with a degree of dexterity) can be beneficial.

That about sums it up.  Based on the last comments I was trying to include a cute pun that related to retired people

But none of them seemed to work.

Have a great day, 

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