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Good morning.

Markets are flat at this moment … but at least the recent bleeding seems to be under control.  One reason given is that inflation worries … or, at least, “runaway” inflation worries … have subsided as the opinion is growing that some of the higher-cost Biden Administration proposals will be greatly watered down in Congress.

Electric vehicles are still very much in the news as Ford gives the view that 40% of its vehicles will be electric by the end of the decade.  With the recent introduction of an electric F-150, it certainly appears as if they are on their way (and I would not be surprised if this number moves even higher).  I notice a greater amount of electric vehicles on the road lately … and … if fast-charging batteries are introduced (per second article below) customer adoption might really speed up.

Do you want to live to be 150 years old?  It seems as it will one day be quite possible, according to some scientists … and this would be wonderful … as it would allow me to finish all those Netflix shows I am presently binge watching.

In a similar vein, I included an article on a group (an indigenous tribe) with the healthiest hearts in the world (and this should be of interest, as heart disease is listed as the leading cause of death in the U.S.) … while it seems their diet and obsession with physical activities such as hunting helps a great deal.  I hunt on occasion … but only up and down supermarket aisles.

This past weekend we had the PGA Championship … but the most important story (in my view) got lost amid the many articles complaining about the crowd swell and comments made from individual golfers.

It was the sixth hole and Phil Mickelson … in the lead, with much (obviously) on his mind … made a phenomenal chip-in from a bunker.  The crowd went wild and “Lefty” … starting to head to the next hole … noticed a wheelchair-bound fan cheering him on.  He paused … went over to the fan … chatted with him for a moment (even amid the chaos) … and handed him the ball.  I just saw a photo of the look of absolute euphoria on the kid’s face.

In our busy lives we often think about our own goals and what we want to accomplish.  We quickly move on to the next hole acting that as if we don’t get there quickly some task won’t be achieved.  There are many around us who would benefit tremendously from something like a thank you, a handshake, a nod … or even receiving a $2 golf ball.  
A small simple gesture.  

Sometimes that is all it takes to brighten someone’s world.  

Including our own.

Have a great day, 

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