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Good morning.

Stocks are slightly down so far this morning as the country gears up for a Memorial Day weekend unlike any experienced before. Many locations have opened up again … with rules patrons are supposed to follow … but … well … we’ll see how that goes, as a population that has been cooped up for quite a bit of time is now on the loose. Bloomberg seemed to capture the mood of many in a headline today as the publication points out that Americans are “ecstatic and terrified.” Wow! That about sums it up.

What might be interesting to see is how investors react once the market opens on Tuesday. Will people focus on how the weekend’s “experience” went? Or will they set their sights on the number of Covid-related deaths … which should climb above 100,000 in just a few short days?

Many are, of course, trying to adapt … if they can. Schools are discussing things such as having smaller classrooms, curtailing extracurricular activities and not allowing the sharing of supplies. Restaurants are trying to convince local communities to shut down streets in front of their establishments to allow for more outdoor (space distanced) dining. And there is one article below that tells us to get used to the masks … as we might be wearing them for a very long time.

On another note, I can’t believe what most high school seniors are going through during a time that was supposed to be the most joyous of their lives. After-school activities? Gone. Celebratory parties? Nope. Prom? Not this year. And even graduation has gone digital! To that end, I’ve written about how hard the Navajo Nation has been hit with this disease … so at 4 PM EST today I will be going to the Chinle Athletic page on Facebook to watch the high school graduation that a parent will be posting via iPhone. I’ve heard many stories from friends whose kids (high school and college) have missed out on these important experiences … and my heart goes out to each of them … kids and parents alike.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox.

There have been many claims over the past year. One statement … that seemed to start as states were beginning to legalize cannabis … was that the CBD ingredient could do everything from alleviating pain and stopping snoring … to growing hair and reducing hemorrhoids. A second, separate, claim was that drugs, vaccines and lighting fixtures (all unproven so far) could defeat COVID-19 … so why not combine the two stories? The second-to-last article below makes the claim that some scientists feel cannabis can defeat the virus. I won’t take hydroxychloroquine or drink bleach … but maybe I’ll try this one. Just saying ….

On a final note, many of us have been getting a little flubby … just sitting around and working from home.

The last article today makes the claim that it will only take 4 seconds(!) of exercise to undo the bad effects. Yes, that is not a typo … 4 seconds.

I plan to try this 4 second exercise.

… if I can only find the time.

Have a great day,

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