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Good morning.

There seems to be a lot of comfort this morning over FDA approval of yet another vaccine to combat coronavirus … especially surrounding the thought of a “single-shot” rather than having to go through the ordeal twice.  Why?  It seems that quite a few decide not go back for the second dose.   But it is important as Wexner Medical tells us: “the first dose primes the immune system while the second dose induces a vigorous immune response and production of antibodies.” Maybe the word “vigorous” and word-on-the-street that the second one has more side effects are what keep quite a few from rushing back.

In addition to this bit of news, this morning’s positive action in stocks might also be driven by a report from Arbor Research claiming that … based on Google search activity … consumer economic concerns are easing.  This, of course, might be due to personal income being boosted by one-time government checks and “elevated unemployment payments,” as reported in Daily Shot using FRED data.  

But let’s face it … the stimulus programs provided quite a boost to Wall Street and Main Street … so maybe these payments should continue.  I figure $2 trillion two or three times a year … heck, we’ll be $100 trillion in debt in no time, but that shouldn’t matter.  It’s only money.

Of course, money is quite an aphrodisiac … as many new to the game are discovering.  In this regard I was shocked to find a note authored by Robinhood showing that last year 200,000 new “crypto traders” were signed up each month on average.  And so far this year through the first two months?  Over 6 million.  

Meanwhile … back to the vaccine for a moment … as Statista gave details of one report, in a survey taken the end of January, in which 48% of Americans feel the vaccine should be mandatory.  You can be sure we will hear more of this in the coming months if it is attempted.  And some of the comments won’t be pleasant.

On a final note for today, I added some health articles including the need to do exercise if you are sitting at a desk all day … along with the advantages of drinking green tea.

What I didn’t include was another important item I came across on the actual benefits of eating dried grapes.

Why do I feel the need to bring this to everyone’s attention?

Simply, it’s all about raisin awareness.

Have a great day,

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