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Good morning.
Investors appear to be shrugging off some rather worrisome inflation reports as stock indexes are little changed so far today.

But the news was pretty big, as not only was there a reported sharp increase in year-to-year inflation, but the jump was the biggest seen since Bush was president … and I mean the first George Bush, not the second. And with all the talk about electric cars of late, I found it interesting to see a Bloomberg note claiming inflation is also hitting the cost of electricity … which has seen the highest level of growth in over a decade. I just wonder how the movement (actual and forecasted) toward electric cars will affect the “grid.”

I venture a guess that if rising prices (other than the pump) are not shocking enough where they stand now, they will be in the coming weeks … as many might find Thanksgiving turkeys to be at a higher cost than we are used to. And that is where they are actually available. Do you remember that “supply chain” problem chatted about in recent weeks? This might become very evident as you rush out to pick up a turkey for the holiday and find your local store might be “out.” In fact, as soon as this note goes out I will probably place an order for a turkey from a local farm to ensure its availability.

I do apologize for beating a topic to death … but now the talk of the holidays, prices and availability have me thinking about Christmas. Prices seemed high last year for a tree. I assume this year (thanks to a labor situation in addition to delivery) we might find prices much higher.

Yes, things certainly have changed.

I was at the office yesterday and noticed the parking lot is relatively empty … so I took special notice to the included article below that claims only 28% of Manhattan workers are back in the office. Though this is expected to jump to 50% next year, I can’t help but wonder if this is strictly because of the virus or if people are just so much more comfortable being home that, when given this option, they just don’t want to come in. I remember when I worked in New York and the commute was about an hour and 15 minutes each way. To think I could have over 12 extra hours each week … would have made the home option quite tempting indeed.

That about sums it up for today. I was serious about starting to plan Thanksgiving now and order in advance … as just the thought of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberries takes my mind away from work things for a moment and makes me being cooped up at home temporarily forgotten.

I’ll also spend time reading … but not the gun manual one of my readers, for some unknown reason, sent me. The manual on guns is definitely missing something

… as there is no troubleshooting section.

Have a great day,

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