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Good morning.

Contrary to what “the consensus” expected, workers supporting the U.S. economy were fewer in number after the month of December … as the virus continues to take a toll on employment.

And the market reaction?  Another yawn, as investors appear to have the future in mind.  There seems to be a lot of money on the sidelines and I have heard more than a few give the view that this will be like “the Roaring 20s” … with visions of party after party as we collectively celebrate our pent up demand for fun and inebriation.

Of course, we all know how the decade of the 20s ended … but we won’t have any of the same problems due to excessive behavior.  We’re smarter this time.

What I found interesting this morning was a graph by Saville Research which shared a troubling statistic, showing the number of Manhattan office vacancies is the highest it has been in over a century.  I don’t know about you, but I have gotten used to this “work out of my home” thing.  I mean, the internet works well and the refrigerator is fully stocked and so close to me.  What could possibly be better?

I do apologize in advance as my writing will be quite choppy next week … and I will probably miss some days (if not all).  I am grading an industry exam and … it is tough to explain … but it really takes a lot of time and, more importantly, requires a lot of dedicated non-distracted focus.  

So today I have to finish some “real” work along with long-neglected house projects.

The problem is that when I try to do projects around the home, I usually look for tools in a very messy garage.  And when I can’t find a tool right away?  I buy another one.

So I did some cleaning and took an inventory last night … finding out I have something like 20 screwdrivers, 8 hammers and 10 paintbrushes … and a crowbar that I never used … so I got to thinking about something someone once told me …

Before crowbars were invented crows probably had to drink at home.

Have a great day.

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… As of 11:55 AM today …

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