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Good morning.

All eyes (and ears) will be on the President tonight as he gives a speech from the oval office. In all likelihood (and this is my opinion only) he will try to persuade us we are under dangerous attack by throngs of criminals rushing through our border … while the Democrats will discount this and try to convince us whatever number he cites is elevated and there is no danger at all.

In any case, it will make for great theater. I only hope confused investors don’t run to the sidelines if they get the sense some federal departments won’t be opening any time soon or if they sense the relationship between our leaders has turned even more combative than in the past.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s note, I flew to the Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”) and the first article below lists some of the pre-show standouts I hope to get to explore. But it wasn’t easy getting here.
At the Denver Airport passengers were getting off the plane we were preparing to board and … after a few people got off a gust of wind actually picked up the front part of the plane … moved it sideways about 40 feet … and it landed on top of one of the luggage loaders. 120 people were stuck on the plane for some time as a heck of a lot of personnel tried to figure out what to do and … of course … we had to wait while another plane was located. So we arrived late but … heavens … it made for a pretty uncomfortable moment for both our comfort and … of course … the passengers on that mentioned plane.

All my life I thought vegetarians were a bit … to put it frankly … weird. I mean, who doesn’t love a good steak? But I had the good fortune to try a plant-based creation called the “impossible burger” … and … well … I loved it. The second to the last article below talks about this and once it hits supermarkets (planned sometime later this year) I suspect you will find it on the menu at my home.

The final note is also intriguing as CNN is selling computer programming lessons for an incredibly cheap price. I looked into the offerings … and bought it immediately for myself. I want to learn something called “Python” and if I can do so in around 10 hours … I’ll try it.

Sorry the note is a bit boring this morning. I hope to have more to say following tonight’s speech.

Keep the popcorn handy. It certainly promises to be an interesting event.

Have a great day,

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