Emerald provides actively-managed equity and fixed income investment portfolios via separate accounts and institutional-class mutual funds. Emerald manages money for a wide variety of institutional clients including public pension funds, corporate defined benefit and defined contribution plans and high net-worth individuals.
Information about Emerald’s portfolio composition, attribution and performance can be found in institutional databases such as PSN and by contacting Emerald’s Client Services Team.

Institutional Portfolios and Separate Account Management

Emerald’s family of affiliated investment advisers provide separate account portfolio management services for institutional investors and high net-worth individuals. You can find out more about the investment strategies available to investors by clicking HERE.

Institutional Class Mutual Funds

Institutional investors can purchase mutual funds managed by Emerald through its wholly-owned subsidiary Emerald Mutual Fund Advisers Trust. Emerald is the investment adviser to the Emerald Mutual Funds family:

  • Emerald Growth Fund (FGROX) – a small-cap growth fund invested primarily in stocks of companies with market capitalization equal to or less than that of the largest company included in the Russell 2000 Index; broadly diversified with no more than 5% of the Fund invested in one company and typically holds between 120-150 stocks.
  • Emerald Banking & Finance Fund (HSSIX) – a sector fund primarily invested in stocks of community banks and other institutions engaged in the financial services industry; usually holds between 90-130 issues with broad diversification within the sector .
  • Emerald Insights Fund (EFCIX) – a fund investing in companies of any size including investments in mid- and small-size companies and seeks companies with perceived leadership positions and competitive advantages; usually holds between 80-100 stocks.
  • Emerald Small Cap Value Fund (LSRYX) – a small-cap value fund invested primarily in stocks of companies with market capitalization between, and including, the smallest and largest companies contained in the Russell 2000 Value Index at the time of purchase; usually between 60-90 issues.
  • Emerald Select trueLiberty Income Fund (ESTCX)– a fund that seeks to provide investors broad exposure to the master limited partnership (“MLP”) market and the current income that can be generated by this asset class.

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