Wit & Wisdom – 12/7/2018

Good morning. What the heck? The market was relatively flat this morning at the open … and in a rather short period of time, things rolled over and the Dow fell 300 points. It is often said that investors hate uncertainty … and, right now, we appear to have uncertainty in spades. A report came […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 12/6/2018

Good morning. Many were hoping that we would see a rebound today following Tuesday’s sharp selloff in the U.S. equities market but, unfortunately, news out of Canada seemed to squash early confidence that today would find investors in a buying mood. Just the opposite, it appears. First of all, let’s point out that things might […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 12/4/2018

Good morning. It seems investors, today, are getting a bit nervous due to two major events this morning. First of all, a portion of the yield curve has inverted … and since yield curve inversion has historically been used to forecast a slowdown in economic activity … many are worried about what the tea leaves […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 12/3/2018

Good morning. Of course the big news over the weekend was what appears to be a temporary truce in the trade war … but … as always … the devil is in the details … and there still seems a bit of vagueness as to what both sides have agreed to. Nevertheless, the investing public […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 11/30/2018

Good morning. Markets today are mixed … as investors seem to be taking a breather waiting for word on how discussions are going between Trump and China with regard to trade. Will there be a “deal” that will relieve investor concern over a trade war? Or will both sides angry push away from the table, […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 11/29/2018

Good morning. The U.S. stock market soared yesterday, following a statement by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell that made some believe that future rate increases (once December is past) might not be as aggressive as feared. But today (according to first story below) markets reversed a little bit … as some economists thought a bit more […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 11/27/2018

Good morning. Yesterday’s rise in U.S. markets does not appear as if it will carry over into today’s session as the President made some comments related to the upcoming announced tariffs with regard to Chinese-manufactured goods. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he classified delay to be “highly unlikely” … although some wonder […] Read More

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