Wit & Wisdom – 4/23/2019

Good morning. Stocks are up slightly on a relatively quiet morning but that doesn’t mean economic data is non-existent at all. At first glance, I got pretty excited about seeing a positive headline on new home sales (first story below), especially since the article calls it “… a sign that the market for new properties […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 4/22/2019

Good morning. Even though earnings season has started, investors this morning might be looking at the jump in oil prices … due, in large part, to the U.S. announcement that Iranian oil sanctions will likely be reinstated. This is not as simple as the U.S. declining to accept oil from Iran … for we have […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 4/17/2019

Good morning. Stocks are relatively flat this morning as both buyers and sellers appear to be taking an early break in this trade-shortened week (as the U.S. stock market is closed Friday). The talk over the next day will not be economic … but focus on the release of the Mueller report … but the […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 4/16/2019

Good morning. Markets have taken on a positive tone so far this morning … so in honor of this I included as the first story below a view from BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink, that the market could face a “melt-up” … as he feels most investors are underinvested and inflows could have a very positive […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 4/15/2019

Good morning. It appears investors are celebrating tax day by taking the day off. Okay, I’m just kidding on that end … but futures are forecasting only slight movement in the S&P and Dow … though as the day goes on that will surely change. We seem to focus so much on the U.S. markets […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 4/12/2019

Good morning. Markets are up so far today and I’ve started to see reports saying stocks are “close to a record.” I don’t get too excited about such things … I mean … if we break any records, tell me … but writing that we are within 2% … or 1% … as if we […] Read More

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