Wit & Wisdom – 6/19/2019

Good morning. I apologize for such a disjointed note today as I am catching a morning flight to L.A. and getting ready to do half the macarena to make sure I have wallet, phone, iPad, headphones, tickets and keys before I head out the door. Major indices are within shouting distance of reaching all-time highs. […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 6/18/2019

Good morning. Stocks are up sharply this morning on the heels of a Trump announcement that he will have an extended meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping during the G-20 summit next week in Japan. It seems we have two countries which have lobbed verbal hand grenades in each other’s direction over the last few […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 6/17/2019

Good morning. The bull market for stocks is being touted as the longest on record so, of course, the big … impossible to answer … question is just how much further this could advance. Strategists are providing comments (because I guess that’s what strategists do) identifying the advance as “long-in-the-tooth” and “getting tired” … but […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 6/13/2019

Good morning. You’ll have to excuse me, as I am not in a very good mood this morning … you see, I was scheduled to golf at a charity event … and it was cancelled due to some bad weather. Of course it upset my whole day … and now I have no excuse not […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 6/12/2019

Good morning. Stocks are relatively flat this morning … just slightly down … as I suspect investors are getting rather tired of the daily (and sometimes, hourly) tweets and comments from the White House and Capitol Hill … and are starting to pay them less heed. One story that grabbed my attention today (and included […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 6/11/2019

Good morning. With gains in the market this morning … the Dow appears to have a decent chance of being up for a seventh consecutive session … an impressive 1300 point advance from the end of May. I find this especially interesting amid a report in Daily Shot (source: Richardson GMP) that not only mentions […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 6/10/2019

Good morning. It seems the Mexican tariff problem has been averted … at least for now … and with the Dow up over 100 points at the open … investors appear to be celebrating. One question, though, is if this enthusiasm will be short-lived … as the threat remains that if we don’t like what […] Read More

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