Wit & Wisdom – 5/27/2020

Good morning. Stocks have been bouncing around quite a bit this morning and have, for the most part, given back gains seen at the open. Still, things seem pretty resilient as it is nearing the end of May and … while there is hope … there is still no vaccine nor drug that the health […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 5/26/2020

Good morning. Investors got a needed shot in the arm as hopes that a vaccine is on its way is giving a boost of confidence to markets … up almost 2% as of this writing. Of course, one of the big problems is faith in the vaccine itself … as earlier this year a Gallup […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 5/22/2020

Good morning. Stocks are slightly down so far this morning as the country gears up for a Memorial Day weekend unlike any experienced before. Many locations have opened up again … with rules patrons are supposed to follow … but … well … we’ll see how that goes, as a population that has been cooped […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 5/21/2020

Good morning. Almost 3 million Americans filed for first-time unemployment benefits and the markets (flat for the day so far) met this with a collective yawn. Why? The thought could be that many will be hired back in the weeks ahead … though … as we have been discussing … many in the restaurant and […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 5/20/2020

Good morning. Markets continue to bounce down one day, up the next … and quite substantially as, including today (if we closed now) … the Dow will have lost or gained over 400 points in a day 11 times of the last 25. Volatility is back in spades! There are a few interesting items in […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 5/19/2020

Good morning. Stocks have given back a small portion of yesterday’s sharp gains as the nation continues to slowly open up businesses … with certain precautions remaining in place for many. What is of concern to some is the thought that the attempt to return to normalcy (which seems like so long ago) might be […] Read More

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