Q2-2020 Small Cap Growth

Market Rebounds Market Update The domestic discovery of the COFID-19 virus and its rapid spread across the US was the catalyst for one of the most vicious market declines and subsequent rebounds in the history of the US stock market. The second quarter picked up where… (Click Here to see more) Read More

Pandemic Can’t Stop Emerald’s Interns

While many companies had to cancel their summer internships due to COVID-19, Emerald has been able to carry on their almost 30-year tradition of having a full group of summer interns. Read more here. Read More

1Q2020 – Small Cap Growth

Global Pandemic Market Update The aggressive global spread of the COVID-19 virus during the month of March dramatically altered the “return to growth” narrative that had propelled the market through the early part of the first quarter.  Public health… (Click Here to see more) Read More

Emerald COVID-19 Update

Emerald Advisers, LLC and its affiliated advisory companies continue to provide updated information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following is the latest information as of March 17, 2020 (with future updates as needed): There is no current impact to the delivery of our investment advisory services to our clients, nor to our ability to manage […] Read More

Banking Sector Update

Watch and Listen as Portfolio Manager Steven E. Russell, Esq. discusses the recent pullback in the financial services sector and prospects for smaller community banks and the sector moving forward into 2019. Read More

Emerald Employees Annual Holiday Project

Emerald employees supported the Plaza San Juan Bautista Youth and Cultural Center by providing a special holiday after-school program for students. Emerald team members Julie Clawser and Stacey Sears have led Emerald’s efforts coordinating this event, which is currently in its 10th year. Plaza San Juan Bautista is a non-for-profit Youth and Cultural Center that […] Read More

3Q-2019 Small Cap Growth

Volatility and Risk Puts Shine on Value Market Update The market had a lot to contend with during the course of the third quarter as trade tensions with China escalated, bond prices rallied, then retreated and rallied again, 2yr-10yr yield curve inverted then steepened, the devaluation of the Yuan, the persistent strength in the U.S. […] Read More

2Q-2019 Small Cap Growth

Global Economic Slowdown Causes FED to Change Path Market Update The path of broad market returns proved more volatile in the second quarter as the market adjusted to changing trade rhetoric and decelerating trends in global economic growth.  Despite the month-to month intra-quarter … (Click Here to see more) Read More

In Memorial: Dr. Joseph A. Besecker

In Memorial: Emerald Remembers and Celebrates Dr. Joseph A. Besecker  Team Emerald lost one of its own on August 4th, as Research Associate Dr. Joseph A. Besecker passed away after a long and courageous battle against cancer. “Dr. B” was so much more than a member of the research team, as the father of our […] Read More

3Q-2018 Small Cap Growth

Domestic Earning Propel Growth Market Update The growth vs. value and small vs. large capitalization leadership tug-of-war continued during the third quarter, with large capitalization stocks and growth stocks resuming their respective leadership positions.  Large capitalization stocks, as measured by the Russell 1000 … (Click Here to see more) Read More

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