Q3-2021 Small Cap Growth

The Economy and Stock Market Take a Breather Market Update The domestic economy hit a speed bump during the third quarter as the spread of the Delta variant, concerns about vaccine efficacy and supply constraints (labor and materials) led to a slowing in the rate of domestic economic growth and downward revisions to third quarter […] Read More

Name Change: Emerald Finance & Banking Innovation Fund

Effective September 30, 2021, the name of the Emerald Banking and Finance Fund has changed to the Emerald Finance & Banking Innovation Fund. This name change does not result in any change to the investment objective, portfolio management process or benchmark for the Fund. The Fund’s ticker symbols and CUSIP numbers remain the same.   […] Read More

Q2-2021 Small Cap Growth

Large Capitalization Growth Stocks Recover Market Update Large capitalization stocks, after lagging during the first quarter, took the lead as the equity market built on first quarter gains. The S&P gained +8.5% for the quarter, finishing at a record high, and closing out the first half of 2021 with the second best first half gain […] Read More

Beyond Crypto: DeFi and the Future of Banking – Webinar Replay

Portfolio Manager & Senior Research Analyst Steven E. Russell, Esq., MBA discusses the advancements and importance of decentralized finance, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in the financial services sector in this webinar replay, Beyond Crypto: Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and the Future of Banking. CLICK HERE to receive invites to future Team Emerald webinars Read More

Miners are the Sexy Plumber of Distributed Ledger Technology

In the white paper “Miners are the Sexy Plumber of Distributed Ledger Technology That Get A Bad Rap Because They Have A Few Cracks”, we discuss the benefits of distributed ledger technology, the importance of mining, and the role that mining plays as it applies to bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin, the network. To read […] Read More

Q1-2021 Small Cap Growth

Bifurcated Market Market Update The market rally continued through the first quarter of 2021, with equities posting gains across all of the broad market indices. The S&P rose +6.2% and exited the quarter at a record high. Vaccination progress, a more visible path to reopening … (Click Here to see more) Read More

Decentralized Finance – The Category Killer?

In the white paper “Decentralized Finance – The Category Killer?”, we discuss the evolution of the Financial Services Industry  from traditional financial systems to one built on “smart contracts” on distributed ledger technology. We break down and define these important business models, and discuss Emerald’s view on blockchain revolutionizing finance for the future.  To read […] Read More

Bank is No Longer a Place You Go, but a Thing You Do

In the white paper “Bank is No Longer a Place You Go, but a Thing You Do” we discuss our opinion on how banks might utilize fintech and adapt in order to succeed in the ever advancing digitized world. To read the white paper CLICK HERE. Read More

Banks Are at Risk of Becoming the Next Blockbuster

In the white paper “Banks are at Risk of Becoming the Next Blockbuster” we present our comparison of Blockbuster and Netflix in the past to banks today. We believe that banks currently face similar challenges that Blockbuster and Netflix faced, and discuss our opinion on how banks might utilize fintech and adapt in order to […] Read More

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