Banks Are at Risk of Becoming the Next Blockbuster

In the white paper “Banks are at Risk of Becoming the Next Blockbuster” we present our comparison of Blockbuster and Netflix in the past to banks today. We believe that banks currently face similar challenges that Blockbuster and Netflix faced, and discuss our opinion on how banks might utilize fintech and adapt in order to […] Read More

Q4-2020 Small Cap Growth

Small Caps Dominate 4th Quarter Rally Market Update 2020 was an extraordinary year from start to finish and remarkably, despite the COVID-19 induced anguish and consternation, all of the major asset classes posted gains for the year, led by Gold which gained 24.6% … (Click Here to see more) Read More

Groundhog Day Investment Forum 2021

The Event has Concluded! Thank you to our sponsors, all presenting companies and attendees for joining us. We look forward to seeing you at Groundhog Day in 2022. Emerald, along with our corporate sponsors, invites you to join us for the 28th Annual Groundhog Day Investment Forum on February 4th, 2021. This year’s event will […] Read More

Emerald’s Disruptive Technology Primer

Shifts in transportation, alternative energy and autonomous vehicles; medical advances to foster a healthy society; the continuing quest for immediate information; robotics and automation: these are just a few of the disruptive trends Emerald’s investment team is anticipating and will be writing about in the coming months. Learn more HERE. Read More

Q3-2020 Small Cap Growth

Rally Continues Market Update The broad market equity indices continues to push higher during the third quarter, despite a difficult month of September and continued COVID concerns.  Strong upward revisions to economic growth underpinned the advance, as the economy, much like the market, is staging a record … (Click Here to see more) Read More

Q2-2020 Small Cap Growth

Market Rebounds Market Update The domestic discovery of the COFID-19 virus and its rapid spread across the US was the catalyst for one of the most vicious market declines and subsequent rebounds in the history of the US stock market. The second quarter picked up where… (Click Here to see more) Read More

Pandemic Can’t Stop Emerald’s Interns

While many companies had to cancel their summer internships due to COVID-19, Emerald has been able to carry on their almost 30-year tradition of having a full group of summer interns. Read more here. Read More

1Q2020 – Small Cap Growth

Global Pandemic Market Update The aggressive global spread of the COVID-19 virus during the month of March dramatically altered the “return to growth” narrative that had propelled the market through the early part of the first quarter.  Public health… (Click Here to see more) Read More

Emerald COVID-19 Update

Emerald Advisers, LLC and its affiliated advisory companies continue to provide updated information related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following is the latest information as of December 31, 2020 (with future updates as needed): There is no current impact to the delivery of our investment advisory services to our clients, nor to our ability to manage […] Read More

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