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Good morning.

A bit late this morning … as I was just about done typing my note … and computer shut off. I didn’t save my work (a rookie mistake) and had to restart. Ugh! You would think I would know better.

Markets are relatively flat at the moment but there is some interesting news on the employment front.

According to Daily Shot, the number of job openings not only beat economists’ forecasts, but is at an all-time high. But … as the saying goes (almost) … every “silver lining has a cloud” … and with the “hires-to-opening” ratio declining … the implication is that companies … while desperately seeking workers … are having a difficult time getting ones that are qualified.

You might simply shout, “pay people more” … and think that would solve the issue ….. but that is not always the case. The NFIB Small Business Economic Trends report of August 2017 points out that “… employee compensation can rise in real terms over time only if employees produce more stuff per hour …” and, with productivity somewhat muted … so are anticipated and very-much-hoped-for wage increases.

Meanwhile, the situation in Florida … while improving … remains quite bad for some … but I can’t get over the amount of people in the Keys being interviewed who are saying things like, “maybe I should have listened” … when it comes to being told to head to safety.

That being said, it might only be a matter of time before Florida decides to put a good portion of utilities below ground … regardless of the up-front cost.

Power to the People!

Let’s hope it happens soon.

Have a great day.

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