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Good morning.

Markets opened the morning on a negative note as the public battle between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un intensifies. Reports are that global leaders are not yet worried that this will result in a catastrophic event … but some investors are paying closer attention to the childish and dangerous threats (my words) being lobbed over the fence by both sides.

It’s a shame.

The market found itself in a good place and focus was where it belonged … on the earnings and forecasts of corporations. But politics somehow entered into the equation and we find ourselves tuned to breaking news … which could have an effect on investments.

I often gripe … so here goes one for today.

There are few news stories of major significance, and so many are repeated throughout the day. What really drives me nuts is when Wolf Blitzer on CNN will announce there is “breaking news” and proceed to tell us something that has been in the main press (including on CNN) for hours.

When I was a kid, there would be an announcement of “… we interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin …” and you would stop and listen for this was only done when there was actually earth-shattering news. Now almost every story is treated with such urgency and importance that breaking news has become nothing but background noise.

And this brings me to my final point for today … which is the last article posted below and further proof, in my view, that we are doomed to turn into a dumbed-down land of idiots.

Headline of article … and I, sadly, am not making this up: “Malia Obama Loses iPhone …”

I read the story and afterwards felt as if I lost some IQ points along the way. That, in itself, you shouldn’t find surprising if you know me at all.

My fear is others will hear I am losing my mind and act as if it something more important than it is by treating it as, of course …

… breaking news!

Have a great day.

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