Wit & Wisdom – 2/21/2018

Good morning Just a short while ago, stocks barely moved much during the day … exhibiting an upward trend while not moving sharply in any direction. Who would have thought that here in the middle of February, investors … tired of the recent volatility … would think of last month as “the good old days?” […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 2/20/2018

Good morning Well, markets are down this morning and it appears the Dow’s 6-day winning streak has a good chance of coming to an end. By the way … for those who are curious … the Mets only had a 5-game winning streak all of last year (and it happened in early April … before […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 2/16/2018

Good morning Can we complete a perfect week? So far, markets are up this morning … and if they close in plus territory it would mark ever day this week that we ended the day on a positive note. What a difference a week makes! What I found interesting in yesterday’s readings were a bunch […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 2/15/2018

Good morning Can we make it five in a row? Stocks are in positive territory right now, continuing to advance since a February 8th bloodletting … but still having quite a way to go to catch up to all-time highs. Yes, the Dow broke through the 25,000 barrier but it still resides around 1500 points […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 2/14/2018

Good morning … and welcome to today’s roller coaster ride. Futures were higher this morning and then took quite a tumble as CPI (Consumer Price Index) numbers were released … providing hints that inflation (in a quote on CNBC) “is about to turn dangerously higher.” But following a sharp drop at the open, markets moved […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 2/13/2018

Good morning. Markets are down this morning, but the degree (less than 100 points) seems ironically refreshing … given the volatility of late. But, stocks aside, things do not seem much different than they were just a short while ago. The employment situation appears solid (I actually saw a help wanted sign in a store […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 2/12/2018

Good morning. Markets are continuing their fickle ways this morning … in fact, just over the 10 minutes prior to me writing this paragraph … the Dow, at first, jumped 113 points … and then dropped 84 points … so, of course, where we end the day is anybody’s guess. The favorite comment I came […] Read More

Wit & Wisdom – 2/5/2018

Good morning. Markets have settled down a bit (though not fully) since early this morning when a big drop made it seem stocks would continue to advance Friday’s decline. That being said, the Dow is down around 150 points as of this writing. Why the sudden negative sentiment? Many are blaming a possible increase in […] Read More

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